Colossus F1 consists of 6 highly dedicated, hardworking members of Robert May’s School, Hampshire. The team has been specifically chosen based on their skill sets in relation to the requirements of the internationally acclaimed competition. 

Vicky Waterfield

Vicky is responsible for motivating, organising and managing the team. She will communicate effectively with all members of Colossus F1 to ensure deadlines and targets are being met. This means that, Vicky will work closely with all members of the team, offering assistance where needed. She will also work on developing marketing and sponsorship stratagies with Emma and Rachael.


Team Manager

Graphic Designer

Emma is responsible for all computer graphics related to marketing and team image. For example, Emma’s work includes; the logo, booklets and uniform. She is also responsible for designing and creating our team app aswell as managing our social media sites. Emma will work closely with Vicky and Rachael regarding marketing, design of the portfolio, sponsorship and finance.


Emma Baldry

Design Engineer

Paul is our design engineer and is responsible alongside Charlie, for the design of the car's main body, focusing on coming up with new and innovative ideas. He will research, design, test and develop the car through the use of Autodesk software- Inventor and Flow Design. Paul is also responsible for creating the renders of our cars. He will use Autodesk's Showcase to do this. Paul will be working closely with Autodesk's Matt Bell, so that he can use the Autodesk software in the most effective way possible.


Paul Cumner

Design Engineer

Charlie's main responsibility is to illustrate the link between paper and machine through CAD. Charlie was previously part of Team Rush and is therefore a previous world competitor. He will work closely with Paul and Dan to create a world standard car. After our testing at the University of Chichester, we discovered that Charlie has the best reactions. Therefore he will be pressing the trigger every time we race!

Charlie Flynn

Scrutineering Engineer

Rachael is our Scrutineering Engineer and it is her job to make sure that our cars comply with all of the specifications and regulations. Previously we have not been able to do this and so appointing Rachael with this role means that we can dedicate more time and effort into making sure that our car in 100% legal. Rachael has developed a scrutineering protocol and from this produced a scrutineering booklet with proof of how we comply with the rules. She is also responsible for creating our unique marketing item- Colossus F1 Trump Cards.

Rachael Matthews

Manufacturing Engineer

Daniel's job as manufacturing engineer is to use his knowledge of CAM and material properties to manufacture the car. He will spend many hours honing his skills on the CNC router and the school’s 3D printer to ensure that the car can be made to the highest quality as well as using high level sanding and painting techniques to produce an effective finish to the car body. He will collaborate by working with Paul and Charlie. Dan is also responsible for out-sourcing manufacture for our car's aerofoils and wheels.


Daniel Warnes

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